Casa School Project

Land for School Purchased with Generous Donations from St. William (2001)

The kindness and generosity of Fr. Joseph Stearns and St. William Church has allowed the Casa Jacinta y Francisco orphanage to purchase 20 acres of land in Leon, Nicaragua on which a school vital to the future of the orphans will be constructed.

The $25,000 donated by St. William Church is extremely important not only to the future of Casa Jacinta y Francisco’s orphans, but also for the needy children in the area who are unable to attend school. Soon they will have a marvelous facility in which they can learn basic life skills and trades that will allow them to take care of themselves now and in the future.

Initially, the students will receive training in agriculture, carpentry, baking and sewing. They will learn how to plant and grow crops, construct homes and furniture, bake goods from home-grown grains and sew clothing and other material item – all for their own use and as a source of revenue.

The benefits of this education will be invaluable for these children, and when added to the love, care and basic needs provided by the Sisters of the Servants of Our Lord at the orphanage, they will have a bright future they never dreamed could happen.

While in Nicaragua, we met with officials of a private educational institution to discuss the possibility of their building a school on Casa Jacinta y Francisco’s new 20-acre site. This is an important next step for the orphanage. The initial discussions were encouraging and will continue.